Monday, February 23, 2009

Life is never dull

Life is never dull at our house!
Our boys are good kids. They are for the most part, respectful and hard working. They are intelligent and eager to learn more. Their interests are varied and they have an incredible sense of humor. One never knows what they will say or do next.
Each of the guys has their own sense of individualism. Ian is much more open and shocking in his quick wit. Some might not find it so, humorous as others but he's learning to put that "filter" in place when it is appropriate! Arrick is much more subtle in his delivery. Always polite and quiet, scoping out the situation to see if the audience can handle his somewhat dry sense of humor.
Ian plays the violin in Chamber Orchestra and in the Philharmonics in school. He's pretty good with his instrument and is learning to play guitar as well. He told me once, he's making orchestra cool again! Ian definitely makes a statement when he enters a room....

Ian tuning up for another classical number

One might think he's looking directly at the camera, but in fact I have an incredible telephoto lens and he's just staring out into the audience. He looks so comfortable on stage....a true performer....or clown!

The "artiest" after the
One of Arrick's hobbies and interests are weaponry and armor. While on one of our adventures, he spotted this headpiece for sale and as luck would have it, he had the amount in his pocket. Against his buddy's wishes, Arrick wore it home in the car and proceeded to wave at the passing cars. His friend, Ryan was mortified, just the reaction Arrick was wanting!
Ryan seems happy in this photo. This was when Arrick was trying on the helmet. The mortifying looks and pleas to take the helmet off began once we hit the road and the waving commenced!
Arrick gives a thumbs up and is ready to roll!!
We have two not so small dogs who live with us and they are a tad bit spoiled! They are more like two additional children who truly enjoy being held like they were a only 5lbs in weight! Of course, after many attempts to encourage that the hounds stay on the floor, I realized that it was four against one.
Arrick, Eva and Hans crowd into the recliner for some over due attention!
Ian and Eva and Whiskers, the cat, lounge around. Ian was sick that day and found much company with the four legged members of the family.