Sunday, September 18, 2011

Henricus Historical Park...Publick Days 2011

Today, John and I spent our "date day" in Henrico County at Publick Days 2011, Henricus Historical park. Commemorating 400 years.
Many living historians shared with the community how our forefathers lived, hunted, traded, farmed, healed and traveled during the first settling of  the New World.  Settled on the Dutch Gap, where the canal meets the James River, this event not only had living historians for the colonial era, but also from other wars as well. 

 This gentleman was telling how Pocahontas was traded for a copper pot and ultimately the King of England wanted her to marry a person from the Royal family instead of Rolfe. 
 These soldiers were from WWI.
 Displayed were many tools used on the high seas.  Though there was a volunteer explaining how these tools worked ...I had my own expert. I brought along my own navigation officer.  He really uses sexton and quadrant too!! 
 This colonist was showing all of the musical instruments that were available to the colonists.
 The doctor!  I took this without the was rather dark in there..the same light he would have worked in performing surgery...scary!!
 Two ladies enjoying the fire.  It was a cool day with a bit of mist...I wouldn't think the fire would be necessary but it added to the day!!
 Traders! John's shipmate, Miles, on the right, enjoys reenacting in many eras, this being one of them! These traders  were trading beads, knives and kettles with the Indians for furs...beaver furs. Russia had hunted beaver to almost extinction so thus the need and a great deal of money for beaver furs from the colonists!
 A young powhatan indian hanging out with the traders.
                           John and Miles negotiate a good trade...gun for mead???  Mead for gun??? 
 Exploration of this area revealed that many civil war soldiers were buried here.  Personal items were forwarded to loved ones, useable items, shoes, uniforms, etc were taken for use.  The body was then wrapped in an army blanket and buried, and marked to retrieve later.  There were no bodies buried there as they were moved to a veterans cemetary.
 Photographers such as this guy were frequently seen during the civil war era.  Thus bringing the war into homes and newspapers.
 old guys talking about big guns and stuff....
 Over looking the Dutch Gap, a canal dug to provide ample travel further into Virginia.
 A shiny gun! 
                        A reenactor firing his rifle...

                                                 No, that guy isn't dead...he's taking a nap!!

 powhatan indians painted themselves much like women today use make up.  In nature, most males of species are the most colorful.  The indians were no different.
 This powhatan woman was pushing  crushed pecans into cooked butternut squash for her village.  We're going to try that as well.  Powhatan indian women only used small decorative marks on their face and some red clay coloring near their  hairline. 
 Powhatan dude...chillin...smokin his pipe.  If you look closely, he has green spikes leaves coming out of his ears.  lol  like earrings.
 The inside of one of the colonists homes...
 this was much damage a colonists bullet can cause...IF  it hit the armor!
 One of the reenactors...he takes his job very seriously folks!
 This quiver was made of tree bark.  There were several baskets made from treebark as well...laced together. I thought they were cool.
Now isnt' this the cutest face ever????  He was just so cute!!  Of course, I didn't reach down to pet him like the silly lady after I moved away...he nearly took off her hand.  He did love to have his picture taken though. He was wagging that little ole tail of his!  I asked John if he wasn't the cutest pig ever!! John just replied, oh yes, he's a delicious ham, bacon and pork chop!! lol  Figures....always thinking about his stomach!

It was a great day!! 

Monday, September 5, 2011


 We have a lovely pear tree in our yard.  Over the years, it began to produce more and more pears!  This year, John was deployed and couldn't enjoy his pears!  So, Arrick and I picked pears....

and filled baskets and baskets!!  

Ian, thankfully, peeled baskets and baskets of pears....and I did as well...

I made some sugar free pear butter and regular pearbutter!
                             More baskets of pears!!  This tree really produced quite a few pears!!

                             I canned some pears in John could enjoy them!!

Some summertime fun...

After Ian's Graduation, Grandpa and Grandma Bell stayed for a bit of vacation time! We went to some pretty interesting places!

 We visited Williamsburg...
 We visited Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore....a lovely place that we will have to visit again!
 We lunched on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel ....a lovely lunch and the views were beautiful!
 We saw some wild life on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay leaving the Eastern Shore!
 We went to Jamestown and visited some active digs!
 At Jamestown we visited the church there....

Pool and Deck

 For several summers, we have enjoyed an above ground pool!  I think John and I enjoy the pool more than the boys do.  Nothing washes away the stressors of the day like floating in the pool!  After looking around at sales we decided that we would look into previously owned pools.  We had a streak of luck! Not only could we purchase a large above ground pool and its pump we could purchase the deck as well!  So we did!
 John and Ian clear the way in the back corner of our yard for the pool!  Quite a bit goes into installing a pool. John cleared down a few inches and leveled the land. 
 Ian, his trusty helper was by his side!
Here it is in its former state.  A pile of stuff..boards, metal..I was hopeful but I also know I'm not really talented at putting puzzles like this together!! 

Ian and his buddies put up the sides of the pool and help spread out the, the liner!
Finally, the pool is filled!!

Arrick, Kara and Janelle enjoy the pool!
 Sandy looks on as Ian emerges from the pool!  They did a great job in assembling all of those pieces!! 

 The deck is large enough for us to put our table and chairs on it and still have room for sunning!  A great investment!

Arrick's 21st Birthday!

We knew it was coming but  Arrick, our adorable little guy who liked to jump off of the couch and land on the floor with ease and each hand on his hip...declaring he was Peter Pan, turned 21! 
I am tardy in posting so many of our events! Arrick turned 21 on April 27th!  His girlfriend Kara came up for the festivities.  He celebrated with a few close friends, the other 20 close friends had to cover  his butt at work! 

 I have no words for this picture other than, I feel compelled to say that the guy in red, Joe, goes to our church...all are good kids...but when out and about, tend to morph into animals! lol
 Arrick ordered  his first adult beverage and is about to guzzle!

 Some of our friends and Arrick's having dinner, making sure the guys had some food in their bellies before they imbibed further!
 Arrick shows how loveable he is!!  Joe shows us he can read while Kyle is impressed!
 Arrick is a happy camper!  Oh, this is before the alcohol! lol
and now...he can buy his own damn beer! lol