Monday, September 5, 2011

Pool and Deck

 For several summers, we have enjoyed an above ground pool!  I think John and I enjoy the pool more than the boys do.  Nothing washes away the stressors of the day like floating in the pool!  After looking around at sales we decided that we would look into previously owned pools.  We had a streak of luck! Not only could we purchase a large above ground pool and its pump we could purchase the deck as well!  So we did!
 John and Ian clear the way in the back corner of our yard for the pool!  Quite a bit goes into installing a pool. John cleared down a few inches and leveled the land. 
 Ian, his trusty helper was by his side!
Here it is in its former state.  A pile of stuff..boards, metal..I was hopeful but I also know I'm not really talented at putting puzzles like this together!! 

Ian and his buddies put up the sides of the pool and help spread out the, the liner!
Finally, the pool is filled!!

Arrick, Kara and Janelle enjoy the pool!
 Sandy looks on as Ian emerges from the pool!  They did a great job in assembling all of those pieces!! 

 The deck is large enough for us to put our table and chairs on it and still have room for sunning!  A great investment!

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