Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall Escape to Williamsburg

After a long summer and being a part, we escaped to Williamsburg.  It isn't too far away, but far enough to relax from the day to day grind and spend a wonderful autumn weekend away in the heart of colonial America.  I made reservations with our vacation club and away we went.  Unfortunately they didn't have a condo available for us, however, they did have a house available for us!  Let me give you a tour!! Here is what you see upon entering the front door to the left!!  

 To the right, a staircase to the three bedrooms! Yeah, we had three was a bit overkill but hey, it was NICE!!
                                               The dining room and kitchen!
     A lovely kitchen complete with all that one could possibly need except for the food!
 Another sitting room.  Each room had a gas fireplace!!  It was nice to "turn on " the fire as the evenings were a little chilly!!
             The back deck and a lovely table that over looked an inlet of a little lake
 John was wanting to run to the store to get some steaks for this grill and a few cold ones for the friends next to the grill!!  lol That's when he called my dad to plan their next trip out!
 You can't really see the pond, but it's there!!!  just beyond those trees near the deck.
                                              Of course, this is the entrance...
                      The master bedroom!!!  A King size dogs...I slept like a baby!!
                         Of course, the Master had a gas fireplace in it as well!!
                                             one other bedroom

And yet, another
 The master bedroom had a bathroom in which there was a walk in multi headed shower,...and the mirror in the bathroom had a tv in it!!  What a way to get ready in the morning!!  I could watch the news in the morning as I got ready!!

 I settled in after our fantastic Italian dinner in town to warm my toes by the fire

 Saturday, John and I took in Hallowscream at Busch Gardens. We go every year to get scared and enjoy the haunts and shows.  If John is home, off we go. It's his favorite time of year!
Sunday, we toured Williamsburg with our passes to go into the buildings. This time up, we went to the armory.
 Where they had quite a few weapons and stuff!!
 and more stuff...
 Some we replicas but others were from before the Revolutionary War.
 We stopped at the blacksmith shop...and as I wandered around...I made note of the detail that was taken to rebuild Williamsburg as it had been before.

 As we toured, we met some colonials....riding horses....
 and some making wigs.  Folks back then, who had means, shaved their heads so their wigs would fit better.  The wealthy had many wigs in and would have the hair changed to reflect what was in vogue that season.  All those curls you see in colonial wigs are pinned in place.
 We went the capital building for Colonial Williamsburg.
                                             This is the general assembly room...

                                      This is the Governor's office..
                                               This is the court room....
 I love this was a big room so I can only imagine how dim the room could be on a cloudy day.
                         We visited the prison.....but not for long.  Looking might be catching!!!
                                         We saw some colonials training for war....
                                 and their encampment....
                             even their laundry!!!!  I took a closer look of their shirts...

       and we saw more colonials...taking care of business in the colony.
 it was a lovely weekend...only 50 minutes from home, but it was centuries away to let our minds and bodies escape to a simpler time.

Summer 2013

Summer arrived at the Birdwell's Nest!  John got the pool up and running. He even got to enjoy it a bit before he set out for Sea.  John would spend his summer in the Indian Ocean! 

 In the mean time, Ellie and Sandy got some pool time!  The guys and i taught Ellie to get in and out of the pool using the ladder!  I'm sure Sandy will be  using it next summer as well!  Eva and Pickles are content to watch from the deck! Pickles doesn't do water and Eva only does warm water with bubbles and a double pedicure better come with it! 

 Ellie, sits in Dad's spot, patiently waiting for him to come home...

 and she waits.....Ian photo bombs....

A ball to push around the yard might help the time pass until Dad gets home...
 Arrick brought home a new buddy! Pickles!  She's a sweetie and loves to play and wrestle with Ellie!  She's a month older than Ellie so the youngin's do their tearing around outdoors!
 Naps with Ian are the next best thing to napping with Dad!
 Sandy takes a nap because watching those pups wears her out!
 Ian and his kitty Whiskers.....He loves his kitty!!
 We spent the summer working in the yard...helping pass the time until Dad gets home!

 Summer soon fades and I took Ian back to Mason.  We moved him into his apartment that he shares with his three friends.
 This is their living room.  New traditional dorm furniture! wooohooo!
 Ian collected coasters from  his trip to Belgium so he framed them for some wall decor'!
 Another shot of  his dorm, from the living room! Not a bad apartment for four guys!! He is on the ground floor and gets along very well with his roommates!

Arrick and I attended the Symphony in the park this fall.  They finished renovating our city park and it's so lovely to go to the Farmer's market and other events out there now!!  

 Arrick and Zach, wait for the music to begin!!  Sadly, a fierce thunder storm rolled through, and after only two sets, they cancelled the rest of the show due to the foul weather.

Dad's home!!!  John arrived home Mid September so we though it prudent to have the puppy reunion outside!!  I think the pups were glad to see Dad!!  only Sandy and Ellie made it out the door!  Eva and Pickles had their reunion indoors!