Friday, April 16, 2010

Miltary Through the ages Part 2

We ventured out to Jamestown, VA learn a bit about our past military and how they lived. Miles, a family friend and sailing buddy of John's was there with his group. The Sunday we went to see this event, they lined up in Chronological order "down through the ages" and were presented to the audience! Arrick, Ian and myself had great seats and got to get close up views as they lined up to be presented! (disclaimer: I am afraid I got some of these out of order, sorry!)
some of the participants and the audience chat it up and look warily at one another!
I wonder what this Knight was thinking..."I really have to pee!".

this looks like a lively bunch!!! The participants I mean....
Miles' group. Miles is the gentleman with the white goblet symbol on his chest...
These guys are telling the young boys, "Yes, this is a fake British accent, don't judge me!".
The drummer drums the marching cadence for the participants to come forth and be presented...Military through the ages!!!
Here comes the English!!!! there goes the neighborhood!!

"Dude, I think your helmet is too big for me!"

"M'lady, I must not walk any faster for fear I chafe".

Nice tights!

A lively group!

Garrrr!!! Pirates!!!


the whole family was there!
Adorable baby...
The Union...and coming up right behind them....

The Confederates!!!

The British!! "I say!"
Participant taking pictures of her group!

The Germans!

The French Resistance guy....a smart man! Has THE coolest wine bottle holder that attaches to his belt! lol

Just across from where we sat, the Russian Flag!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Military through the ages at Jamestown, VA

Jamestown, Virginia
Jamestown played host to Military Through the ages. A sailing friend of John's and now a family friend, Miles, participated in this event. We ventured out to provide our support and check it out! We love this kind of stuff! Arrick is thinking of getting into it and well enjoy the sites we took in that day!
Norfolk Garrison from the War of 1812

sailor....back in the day
English soldiers of the Zulu Wars
Women of the Salvation Army

German Army of WWI

British Soldiers of WWI spying on the Germans

Fiddler on the Roof, meet Fiddler 'neath the Tent
Part of the French Resistance group

German Army of WWII

German Kubelwagon or Bucket Seat Car
(I thought this vehicle was too cute! I'm sure the German Army wouldn't appreciate my "cute" description though!)

This looked kind of fun too!

British Paratroopers in the right foreground with one of the British Scot Regiments to the left.

Civil War Soldiers (Union)

1st Para Regiment of l'Legion Etrangere

More l'Legion Etrangere

Betsy the Field Artillery Piece
(Ironically, Ian named his airsoft G36K Gun Besty as he HAD to take a picture. Apparently some male minds think alike!)

The Hussite Camp (Here there be Miles)

Medieval Tent (French)

Norfolk Garrison Soldier talking to a Medieval Archer.

Miles and Arrick discussing weapons

Palise in front of the Hussite camp