Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ian's Junior year events!

Ian began his Junior year with great fervor! He enrolled in a few Advanced Placement classes along with Forensics, Academic Challenge, Orchestra and this spring continued with the tech crew for the Drama club for this year's production.

He collected his class ring!

Soon after he was presented with his class ring, the Dance! Here in Virginia or at least where we live, the Junior prom is called the Ring Dance! Ian asked a young lady, Chelsea to Ring Dance. They were to dine with another couple at a favorite locally owned Italian establishment.
I couldn't for the life of me, get a nervous Ian to smile before we drove to Chelsea's home to present her with her wristlet. Her mom was to act as their driver for the evening!
The lovely wristlet he would soon present Chelsea! The couple dressed in black and white for this festive event!
He nervously approaches the door. Her father answered!
She was a vision of loveliness!! He cleaned up pretty well too!

Good thing we decided on a wristlet! It was MUCH easier than a corsage!

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