Sunday, December 11, 2011

Autumn at the Birdwell Household

Here it was September and John and I were on our own since the guys weren't with us.  Ian, away at school and Arrick at work, we headed down to the beach to see some sandcastles!

                                                      I thought this was pretty cool. 
 Kids taking in some beach activities while the weather holds out.  It was a cool day, perfect for a romp on the beach
some of the professional sculpters.

 We saw a Zombie mobile!

John and made a trip up to Northern Virginia to see Ian. He would be away on parents weekend so we went up the next weekend.  Here is his room. It's pretty organized for three boys living in it.
 Ian will be moving to another dorm at the end of the semester. They are renovating this one!  He's looking forward to the change in scenery!
 We went into DC with all of the Occupy Protestors, to hit up the Museum of Art.  Ian has an Art History paper due so we thought we'd help with research!
 We ran into this guy and cool wheels! I wanted a ride but I don't think he would have given me one!
 We saw the Stainless steel tree!!!  This was just too cool! 
 Yes, the Captial building is still there.....
 The Washington Monument was still there too.  It was still closed to the earthquake damage.
 We were in DC a few weeks before they offically dedicated the MLK Jr. memorial.  John captured some photos of the memorial.  We were disappointed with it actually.  He looks mean in the statue.. 
 John Paul Jones!! 
 The National Museum of Art!!
 Love this place!  Even when people are here taking in the art, it's so peaceful and beautiful, I just love it! 
 Love this piece!
                            A relief of the art on the Commons outside of the state  house in Boston! 
 LOL I came home from work one day and found these in the floor in the kitchen. It was evident where Arrick had dressed for work! lol Of course, I left them there for him to pick up when he came home from work! ;)
Arrick, cleaning his room.  This folks is rare so I had to take a picture!