Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sweetheart Dance with Beta Sigma Phi

Every year the Beta Sigma Phi Council here in Tidewater hosts a Valentine's Dance.  Each chapter nominates a Sweetheart from their chapter and from those candidates, a Queen and Princess for Council is chosen.  This year, I was honored with the title of Queen!  My chapter sister's mom, who is in another chapter, was Princess!  I am humbled by the honor and hope to live up to the Council's expectations!

 My consort!  John in his tux and mask! The theme of the Dance was Phantom of the Opera!! 

Ian's German Chocolate Cake

So, Ian and my former coworker/friend, Teresa were talking about learning the German Language.  Since Teresa will be moving to Germany, Ian offered to provide her with some german music, in exchange for a German Chocolate cake!  Here is the cake Ian, did Teresa get her music?? lol

This cake was so huge it wouldn't fit in my cake container.  That portion missing is the portion Teresa cut out for herself and Mark.  This cake could have have fed an army, it was  huge and it was  DELISH!!! 

Christmas weekend snow storm

Additonal pictures of the Christmas 2010 snow storm

                  Eva and Ian playing in the snow...Good thing Grandma Fuller knitted you that hat Ian!!

 We got quite a bit of s now this storm! I had some concerns about our roof over the familyroom.

                               Mongo's tracks.....I fear to say anything  as it may be used against me!