Monday, June 13, 2011

Shira and Danny Graduate!

We were most fortunate to be able to attend John's niece's graduate school graduation! They flew in from Florida for the event! Both Shira and Danny have earned their Master's Degrees!

                              Presiding over the ceremony, and confirming the degrees bestowed
 Commencement speaker is none other than Captain Mary Jackson.  The first ever female Commander of Naval Station Norfolk!
                                                                   Shira is hooded!
                                                   Stopping to take pictures with the big guy!
               Shira and Danny, both in their cap, gowns and hoods!! Job well done!! Congratulations!
 Danny was to graduate with his school on the west coast but it conflicted with Shira's graduation.  He brought his robe and celebrated with his lovely wife! What a guy!  On a side noted, there was a mix up with his gown, it was for a much taller person...I feel for the guy who got Danny's robe! 
Shira and Danny with Danny's sponsor from his Naval Academy days and his daughter.

The last Orchestra Concert for Ian's High School Career!

I don't think John and I will ever forget when Ian was in the 5th grade and asked if he could play the violin in the school's music class.  We said sure and rented a violin for him, thinking, this will probably last only the school year but at least it is a great experience. I remember as he trundled out of the car one morning when I dropped him off with violin case in tow, I asked him if people made of fun of him because of orchestra.  He said, "No mom, me and my friends are making Orchestra cool again!"  Right he was!!  Little did I know that once he got into high school, part of his "school supplies" was a tuxedo!  Well, he went through two of them! 

 Here we are, 8 years later (Needless to say we ditched the rented violin and made a big purchase of Ian's own violin!)  and at his last concert.  It was bitter sweet for us as well as him but oh the experiences and good times  he has had!  He traveled to NYC this past spring to compete in a festival and had a wonderful time seeing the sights and making memories!  His cousin, Layah and  her husband stopped by where the kids were dining to say hello! 

                                        Ian with his buddies, making Orchestra cool again!!
                                                                Good times, great memories!!

Here is tidbit of sectional duet that Ian played!
They play, Lady Gaga!

Convention in Orlando!

I'm one of those geeky people who love learning and get excited about conferences and learning new stuff! In my position at work for the USN, there is a conference once a year that is a week long for learning and sharing so we can be better at our jobs. This year the conference was in Orlando, FL. The conference was a week long and though it was a lengthy conference, much learning took place! The facility was lovely and I met some wonderful people!

views of our lovely hotel. 

 Our Hotel was connected to a large mall.  Thank goodness.  Since we were in conference all day, it left us little time to venture out.  So we entertained ourselves at the Mall.  Here Brandi and I visited M&M World! 

It was a fun time!  We learned a lot and are looking forward to next year.  Wonder where next years conference will be held!!