Monday, June 13, 2011

Shira and Danny Graduate!

We were most fortunate to be able to attend John's niece's graduate school graduation! They flew in from Florida for the event! Both Shira and Danny have earned their Master's Degrees!

                              Presiding over the ceremony, and confirming the degrees bestowed
 Commencement speaker is none other than Captain Mary Jackson.  The first ever female Commander of Naval Station Norfolk!
                                                                   Shira is hooded!
                                                   Stopping to take pictures with the big guy!
               Shira and Danny, both in their cap, gowns and hoods!! Job well done!! Congratulations!
 Danny was to graduate with his school on the west coast but it conflicted with Shira's graduation.  He brought his robe and celebrated with his lovely wife! What a guy!  On a side noted, there was a mix up with his gown, it was for a much taller person...I feel for the guy who got Danny's robe! 
Shira and Danny with Danny's sponsor from his Naval Academy days and his daughter.

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