Friday, December 27, 2013

All together at Christmastime 2013

This holiday season was an extra special one for the Birdwell family in Virginia.  This time, John would be home for Christmas, the first time in 3 years.  We always put up the tree and carried on with our traditions when he wasn't  home but all of those traditions  are much more fun when we're all together to enjoy them.  Ian and I baked cookies and we sat by the fire, watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and enjoyed being together during this festive season. 

One of our traditions is to visit Colonial Willamsburg on Christmas Eve.  The Colonial village is decked out with traditional decorations and I always think that next year or this winter, I'll decorate the same way.  I found these ideas to tuck away.  I think I need to start decorating in October!!  HAHA  This year, Arrick had to work Christmas Eve so he didn't get to join us.  John, Ian and I went but didn't stay this year for the fife and drum corp or the candle light caroling.  We still had a wonderful time in the brisk Christmas air meeting new friends, helping families take pictures in front of the beautiful decorations and enjoying see visitors enjoy the beauty we live near!
 A great way to spruce up a brass candle stick!!  ;)
 I do love the decorations that are made fresh and using real fruit!!  They even use ginger bread men in their decorations.  Each year the decorations are different and awe inspiring!!

                                          I especially loved this one!!  It took a blue ribbon!!
                                              This was the main window for the above doors!!
                                       Our Jewish colonists also decorated their door!!
                                                      This one was particularly interesting!!!
 The colony's seat of government before it was moved to Richmond!  John and I went inside, there are interior pictures in an older post from our visit this fall.
                        Looking down the street in Williamsburg...the street lights came on...
 Some decorations were made from dried flowers.  Still unique and beautiful!!
 Even the birdhouses were bedecked for the holidays and a flag to boot!
 John loves bears and I had to take this Bear's picture in Merchant's square!
 Inside, a winter Christmas wonderland filled with decorations from Germany!! Lovely!!!
                                 This one is huge, I just love them!! One day, I'll have one!!  :)
 The Williamsburg Inn is always beautifully decorated this time of year.  This is the same Inn where Queen Elizabeth stayed when she came to the colonies for a visit a few years back.

 Eva, our Golden, got  a baby doll from Santa.  She was thrilled!!  She does love her baby dolls and heaven help the other pups who try to take it from  her!!  She's my cutie.
 Ellie, our newest addition, was tuckered out from Christmas!  She went to bed and crashed!!
This year, I took the week of Christmas off from work to enjoy the season a bit better!  The days we were all together were restful and quiet but absolutely lovely!!  I cherished every moment when all three men home!  Time goes on and soon Arrick and Ian will be on their own paths after school to make their own adventures!  Maybe they will invite their dad and myself along on a few!!  I hope your Christmas and Holidays were warm and filled with friendship and love!!  Merry Christmas, hold on to your hats, 2014 is just around the corner!!!