Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 26, 2010

Everyone wishes for a white Christmas! The odds of having one in Tidewater Virginia is pretty dang slim! This year, we were forcasted to have some flurries on Christmas afternoon! We were excited. As it turned out, our flurries progressed into a big ole' storm!! Here are some pictures we took of our winter wonderland.

 Our backyard and driveway
                         Ian and the dogs.  He tried to clear a path for them but they didn't seem to care.
 Our soldiers standing at attention in the front yard. As I write this, the s now is now up to the red portion of their uniforms!
 Of course, we had to go out in it. We should have stayed home.  We did make it to the neighborhood grocery and then came home via the high school.
                                                  The high school Ian currently attends.
                                        A tree at the rear of our carport.  It's almost like an umbrella!! 
                                       Visibility was awful and it got worse as we headed home. 
                                              Our own winter wonderland in our back yard.
                     Ian measured, by 4pm  he measured 15.5 inches!!!  This beats last January's snow fall!

December 2010- What a month!!!

December 2010 had so many activities that I will only include a few pictures, the very best ones, in this blog entry.  John was home for the Holidays and that's always nice!  A lot more help in preparing for dinner and decorations!  With so much going on between BoyScouts, work, and commitments, I didn't get out our Christmas cards.  This is the first year I wasn't on my game.  It's been one heck of a year and I have to say, a lot has happened and I am ready to begin a new stable and prosperous new year!  I'll be ready next December!! 

December marked Ben's Eagle Ceremony!  If you know anything of Boy Scouts, this is the highest achievement in Boy Scouts and one to mark with honor and celebration.  Arrick was honored to preside over the ceremony.  John and I were so proud.  Ian and Matt were the color guard while Ben, in dark  hair in the center was the Eagle recipient. 

 Another cool event was the lunar eclipse!  I did in fact, get up to witness part of it!  Fortunately for me, our night owl son, Arrick was up and got some great pictures! 

 December 16th we had some winter weather bluster through.  The cold, winter weather really doesn't arrive in Tidewater til January but it got started early this year.  Ian snapped this picture from our front porch. 
 Traditionally, Christmas Eve is our quiet and peaceful retreat to Williamsburg.  We go to look at the colonial decorations and take in the peace and quiet.  After the Fife and Drum Corp finish their procession, candle light caroling and the currator of Colonial Williamsburg reads The Night Before Christmas!  This year, we were only three as Arrick had to work.  So we toured Williamsburg, came home and got Arrick then went to the Naval base to look at the Ships all decorated for Christmas!
 One of the Carriers decked out in lights!
 Another ship with its lights

 Can you see the fighter plane pulling the sleigh???
 Some festive decorations in Williamsburg, VA.

 Every year, the different houses in Williamsburg decorate their doors as the colonists are some examples!

 Fife and Drum Corp! 
 We enjoyed a torch lit concert while enjoying our hot cider and ginger cakes.
 Even Whiskers got into the holiday spirit.  Okay, we put it on him and he tolerated it....momentarily!
 John reads his email or articles....
 Ian sporting his new hat Gma Fuller made for him while he plays with his Nerf Gun Santa brought to him, much to Eva's dismay!
 Arrick carrying some of his air soft weapons and loot!
 Ian biting into his giant gummy bear!
Some Polish plates that found their way to our house/kitchen this year!! 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

For many years we have gone to Jamestown on Thanksgiving while our turkey cooked and just allowed us time to enjoy the fresh air. This year, Arrick had to work so we stayed close to home and went to the beach!

                                                                  Ian, John and Eva

It was a peaceful morning on the beach.  It was a lovely way to spend the morning.  We made our way home and prepared our Thanksgiving feast and Arrick's arrival home from work!  By the way, Arrick says that working at a grocery store on Thanksgiving is nearly as bad as working Black Friday in retail!

Veterans Day

This year the Boy Scout Troop worked with their sponoring VFW and placed American Flags on all veteran graves.  It was truly awe inspiring to see how many veterans were in that cemetary.  So many men and women helped keep our country safe all these years.
 Ian using the tool to put a small hole in the ground so we could place the flag!
                                                   John and John and Bradly working together.
 We weren't alone in placing flags.  Some men and women from the USN and their families joined us.
 One of the cub scouts, helping out too!  A person is never too young to learn to appreciate our veterans!
                                                                           John and Bradly
                                                        Mr. Wes, our fearless leader!
I had the honor of placing a flag on the grave site of  one of my sorority sisters who inspired me in my sisterly ways in Beta Sigma Phi, her husband was veteran!

                 Members of our new cub scout pack and Boy Scout Troop and our leader, Mr. Wes!

What a wonderful opportunity for our scouts.  A big thank you to all of our veterans out there!