Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 26, 2010

Everyone wishes for a white Christmas! The odds of having one in Tidewater Virginia is pretty dang slim! This year, we were forcasted to have some flurries on Christmas afternoon! We were excited. As it turned out, our flurries progressed into a big ole' storm!! Here are some pictures we took of our winter wonderland.

 Our backyard and driveway
                         Ian and the dogs.  He tried to clear a path for them but they didn't seem to care.
 Our soldiers standing at attention in the front yard. As I write this, the s now is now up to the red portion of their uniforms!
 Of course, we had to go out in it. We should have stayed home.  We did make it to the neighborhood grocery and then came home via the high school.
                                                  The high school Ian currently attends.
                                        A tree at the rear of our carport.  It's almost like an umbrella!! 
                                       Visibility was awful and it got worse as we headed home. 
                                              Our own winter wonderland in our back yard.
                     Ian measured, by 4pm  he measured 15.5 inches!!!  This beats last January's snow fall!

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