Thursday, November 25, 2010

Veterans Day

This year the Boy Scout Troop worked with their sponoring VFW and placed American Flags on all veteran graves.  It was truly awe inspiring to see how many veterans were in that cemetary.  So many men and women helped keep our country safe all these years.
 Ian using the tool to put a small hole in the ground so we could place the flag!
                                                   John and John and Bradly working together.
 We weren't alone in placing flags.  Some men and women from the USN and their families joined us.
 One of the cub scouts, helping out too!  A person is never too young to learn to appreciate our veterans!
                                                                           John and Bradly
                                                        Mr. Wes, our fearless leader!
I had the honor of placing a flag on the grave site of  one of my sorority sisters who inspired me in my sisterly ways in Beta Sigma Phi, her husband was veteran!

                 Members of our new cub scout pack and Boy Scout Troop and our leader, Mr. Wes!

What a wonderful opportunity for our scouts.  A big thank you to all of our veterans out there! 

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