Thursday, November 25, 2010

John's nectar of the Gods!

Last year John decided that he wanted to embark on the art of making mead! What is mead you ask?

Well, the history of mead may go back more than 8,000 years. The oldest known meads were created on the Island of Crete. Wine had not yet been created. Mead was the drink of the Age of Gold, and the word for drunk in classical Greek remained "honey-intoxicated."

Basically, it's fermented honey. There are different flavors as different fruits can be added such as cinnamon or apples! It was the forbearer of ale and wine! John got back ...way back to his Anglo-Saxon roots!

He didn't embark on this path alone; he conscripted Ian and Arrick to help! This time, Ian was home and donned an apron to help his father bottle his liquor!

Ian helps prepare the bottles.

clean bottles ready for the nectar!

 I tried to get a good picture of how "honey" brown this mead was but I'm afraid I didn't succeed!
                                                       Transfering the mead into bottles. 
 The mead fills the bottles and is ready to be consumed.  I was the lucky one to try it.  I thought John had tried it before me otherwise I wouldn't have.  You see this is the second attempt for John.  The first batch of mead didn't taste good at all!  I was the first taste tester on that batch too!
Another attempt to capture the honey color of this mead!  It was quite good and light!  We shared it with many friends and now John is on to making other creations.  He made Irish cream, vanilla cream and banana liqeurs!  All very tasty!!

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