Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Neptune Festival

Every year, the Boy Scout Troop in which our boys have flourished, heads to the boardwalk to raise some money and share scouting with the community attending the Neptune Festival!  This year we headed down on a cooler, cloudy weekend with thousands of other folks to sell water, soda and candy to people attending concerts, the art show, surfing contests and the sand sculpting competition.  Ian was the "barker" for the water during our volunteer session. 

Ian selling pure natural, ice cold water that was zero calories for only 1$!

Ms. Elaine and Ian surveying the scout snack shack!

a wee bit of rough surf didn't phase the seagulls one bit!

Charlie makes popcorn to give out to the kids attending the Neptune festival!

teams building sand sculptures

some of professional sand sculptures

These scantily clad ladies were selling body art and painting...seemed that many people had been visiting their booth because we'd see them walking down past the scout booth bedazzled! 

Cletic girls!  The detail on these works of art is amazing!

Neptune saves the day!!  A political statement!

This sculture was spectacular!  I was only able to get a photo of one side...the artist was from Holland.

This sculpture represented birth to death.

This one was too darned cute!  Below is the explanation of the sculture! 

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