Saturday, September 25, 2010

Summer fun!

This is has been a summer filled with many things and events.  Some right in our own back yard.  Since I began a new job with the Navy this summer, we stayed pretty close to home working on projects around the house and just getting a few things done. 

Arrick worked this summer, saving his money for school, Ian went camping with his Boy Scout Troop in West Virginia.  They planned a week long trip to go white water rafting and other fun things on the water. 
Ian navigating the rapids

Ian high and dry?

that must be the "white" water part!
 John and I have toyed with the idea of a pool in our own back yard for quite some time.  It seems now days that people are shying away from in ground pools and some in our neighborhood were filled in so houses would sell more readily!  In any case, we opted for a larger above ground pool.  Nothing is as refreshing during a hot and humid Virginia summer than to jump in a clear, cool pool!  So, we did some investigating and found one on Craig's list! We got SUCH a deal!  I almost feel badly about it but it was what the previous owner wanted and it fit our budget with room to spare!

Ian enjoying the finished product!
The previous owner tossed in quite a few extras and this lovely floating chair was one of them!  It has two cup holders!! woohooo!!!

a much larger pump means a happier Kim and John!

 Unfortunately, John had to deploy before the pool was complete so he didn't even get to enjoy the results of his hard labor!  Ian and his friends and myself finished the pool and filled it.  When John returns he will put up the deck and we can landscape around and in the remaining back corner of the lot!  We have much more to do to finish up our yard but now we have a pool to jump into so we can cool off when we want to take a break!
It was a project that we couldn't have done alone.  Ian's friends pitched in to help!  These boys worked during the hottest summer we've had since we've lived here.  They only worked a bit each morning.  They were content with the big lunch and plethora of popsicles we had for them each day!

John was in his element working with the big toys while Ian was left with the ole shovel! Here they are removing the top soil and leveling the ground .

The pool AND partial deck that was included in the nominal price!  Oh, and our canoe I got for free.  That's another story!

Ian looking over the perfect circle He and  his dad mapped out!

The big empty spot in the back corner of our lot.  We have a large yard so we have plenty of space for our new pool!

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