Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach!

Kim belongs to a sorority called Beta Sigma Phi, and her chapter, Alpha Rho do many things throughout the year,raising money and volunteering for various organizations and events.  This year, we decided to volunteer at the Rock'n'Roll 1/2 marathon out at Virginia Beach!  Of course, there was a concert after the race that we'd get to attend as well!  So, we all signed up, dragged a few spouses and Ian volunteered with me too! 

This picture is a bit blurry but hey, it was before 6am so gimme a break! This is looking out towards the beach where other volunteers were gathered to welcome the new day and await their assignments.

Ian and other members of Alpha Rho and spouses were gathered waiting for our assignment!

Lisa, Raquel, Cyndi , behind Cyndi is Christina and Ian 

Here comes the sun!

Our first assignment!  Separating the popsicles so single pops could be handed out to the runners as they finished the race!

After each were separated, they were boxed up and put in freezers to await the runners.

A pretty shot of the much needed Medical tent and the sunrise.

Raquel, showing us how it's done!  Rock on Raq!

Ian exercising his OCD by making sure the popsicles were carefully packaged back into the box and all pointing in the same direction!

Hey!  We ran into Thomas! One of Arrick and Ian's friends from school. He's also a paramedic!  Tracy continues to pull apart those dang popsicles!

Bananas lined up for the runners!! 

Iced water awaiting consumption!

I was stalking Thomas at another redcross tent! lol

Beautiful day for a race!  Truly, the weather was fairly cool, mid 80's and barely any humidity!

On to our next job!  The coordinator shouted she needed at least 10 people for "Beer Check"!  Well shoot, Alpha Rho folks jumped at that!  We later found out they needed people for GEAR CHECK! big difference!
This hot number was at the front of the line because it looked cool they said!

UPS volunteered their people and truck to check in, hold and check out runners personal items they couldn't take on their run.  For example, cell phones, shoes, water, socks, back packs etc.  This was Alpha Rho's job.  Match the number on the items checked with the runner's race number fastened to their shirt.  There were quite a few UPS trucks that day!  This is what Brown did at the 1/2 marathon!!

The items checked!

Joe, hanging out waiting for the runners to come and claim their belongings.

Towards the end as our truck was empty, we saw some sights. Some, Ian said, we should never have seen to begin with nor should we ever see again!  Some people were dressed in costume and others, well we thought they were costumes but probably not planned that way! 


christina said...

Great pictures Kim !

Cyndi Kight, Associate Editor of Towing & Recovery Footnotes said...

Especially love the pic of Raquel... she looks thrilled to be there!!!