Saturday, July 10, 2010

This and that....

I was looking through some pictures and wasn't sure I'd shared some! So here are a few that missed the cut or I just plain ole forgot!

John's trusty jeep, Mongo! This jeep got us around during the snow storm! I forgot to start it when John was out to see one deployment..but it started better than our other vehicles! I almost need a ladder to get in it but it's a good jeep and believe it or not has great ac and heat!!
I named the Jeep Mongo because it reminded me of that character in Blazing Saddles. So, with my suggestion ...Dad and Jane had the tire cover made for John!
I was looking through my photos and this one caught my eye...the beautiful sky and clouds on commencement day back in May of 09. That was a spectacular trip and one I'll always cherish. So many people that I care about came to celebrate with me!
These beautiful flowers were a gift to me from my sorority sister, Cyndi. They were so beautiful I had to take a picture so I could enjoy them longer!!! Wonder if I took her the vase I could get a "refill". lol Her family owns a florist so we always get the most beautiful flowers there!! Thanks again Cyndi!! I'm still enjoying them!!
Cherries on our Bing Cherry tree! I wish we could have gotten to them before the birds did!!
Ian and Mr. Mick Meyer, the Scout Liason for the Chesapeake Arboretum discussing Ian's Eagle Project plans. What a life saver Mr. Mick has been!! We have been truly blessed to have so many inspirational males come into our boys lives!! Thanks Mr. Mick! I will blog about Ian's project soon!!
when I went to City Council with Ian when the Forensics team was recognized, Miss Chesapeake was there! Turns out, both Arrick and Ian went to school with her! The guys said she is as sweet as she is pretty!!
Before John left for deployment in January, the boys and I wanted to celebrate his birthday! It was his 50th! So we were sneaky and worked it out with the air soft people to celebrate at the airsoft field. John had no idea!! We took decorations and treats to share...John was presented witih a cane with a horn and rear view mirror and a old timer's survival hat too!! Everyone joined in the celebration to sing Happy Birthday!! John sharing some love with his sneaky sons!!
John sporting his old timer hat and cane!

We used someone's truck for our banner!! lol
Ian prepping for the Birthday celebration!
I bought this melon and Arrick said, "Mom, that melon is as big as my head!" and he proceeded to show me! lol

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Miz T. said...

I love that shot of John and the boys. But I want to see your pool...with someone in it!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!