Monday, July 5, 2010

Indian River Forensics Team recognized by Chesapeake City Council!

June 8, 2010, The city council of Chesapeake honored the State Champions of the Indian River High School Forensic Team! Since it had been over 15 years since Indian River high school had placed in a state competition, it was a pretty huge deal! The Chair of Education presented certificates to each of the members of the team who went to state along with the vice mayor (Mr. mayor was under the weather).

In the chambers the team patiently awaits the honor of being recognized by city council.
Gally short for Galixina is all smiles...while Tamara talks to Mrs. Shabazz and Erica takes it all in.
Ian looks to see what I'm doing while Tyler fidgets!

The whole team all smiles and thrilled for the honor to be recognized as "some of the smartest kids in Chesapeake!"
Dr. Shabazz and the Education Chair

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