Monday, July 5, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Ride!

So, in October when Lauri posed this spinning retreat to me, she also mentioned something about a hot air balloon ride. I thought, well, let's see about it. I was just laid off and it was more money but I went out on a limb. I knew I'd have a job by then and I'd have the bucks to pay for it so I said, sure! What the heck! It'll be fun!

One of the crew watching the small helium balloon let go to get a fix on how fast the winds were moving and in which direction. Very important I'd come to learn. The other crew member looking for the release forms. ..... by the way...that stuff on the trailer the basket we'll be riding in..
Lauri reads the release forms....the company won't be held liable for arrest...and a plethora of other things....getting a little but what the heck. One more item to cross off the bucket list.
The set up the fan after putting together the basket and frame...and fill the envelope!

After crawling in the basket, thankfully they had a stool we could stand on and pushed on our behinds, we got in the basket and lifted off. It was so smooth and was magical! The fear left me immediately!! It was awesome! Down below we see our chase team!! They will be following us to help us when it's time to land...
Our shadow on the tree tops of Valley Forge National Park! We skimmed the tree tops!!

The towns below!! It was such a beautiful view and so quiet!!
Since we're snuggled in the basket together, it's difficult to get a good picture but Lauri pulled it off very well!!!
Here is the little gadget, Vince, our pilot kept looking at to give our heading to the chase team!

Looking straight up into the balloon!!! I'm glad we had a pretty balloon!!

We set down rather roughly in a farmers field. With the basket on its side...we crawled out and Vince wrangled the balloon into submission till the crew arrived to assist!
Since the Balloon landed on private property, the balloon team presents the land owners with a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider and a card stating their thanks !
The crew push the air out and fold the balloon....and get it all back on the trailer with precision!

We were returned to the Bed and Breakfast where were staying and whilst the class inside went on without us, we brunched on the patio. Vince and the crew provided Lauri and I with a champagne toast to our survival...and a prayer...
The Balloonist Prayer
The winds have welcomed you with softness,
Ths sun has blessed you with its warm hands
You have flown so high and so well,
that God has joined you in your laughter,
and set you gently back again
into the loving hands of Mother Earth.
Sky Riders
from Trappe-Limerick, PA
Our crew, on the ground and our pilot Vince in the glasses!! Thanks for a wonderful experience!

On my way back home via the Eastern Shore, I snapped this picture for my dad....apparently there are races there of the NASCAR variety!
almost home ready to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and I had to stop and take these pictures!

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Miz T. said...

Wasn't that a fun adventure? Sometimes it's worthwhile to go out on a limb. I loved floating like a bubble. And was proud that we were even able to get into that basket!