Monday, July 5, 2010

Spinning Retreat in PA!

In October, one of my best friend's Lauri, from Maine, invited me to a spinning retreat in PA! At first I thought, I don't know to knit, let alone anything about wool or spinning on a spinning wheel! She said, not to worry, I'd learn how to drop spindle and perhaps get to use a spinning wheel too! That was the point of the retreat, to learn! So I agreed. It was a five hour drive and I'd leave the boys on their own, which isn't a problem really. They looked forward to the weekend on their own. So, I set out up to PA via the eastern shore of VA on my way to my adventure in spinning!

Snapped a picture of this while driving...looks a little scary....and retreat wasn't far from it! lol
The grounds were lovely....ponds and places of reflection!

beautiful hedges and sitting areas...

the lovely Victorian home that the spinning retreat, basically took over for the weekend! The spinning instructor's parents owned the B&B so it was like being at home!

There were quite a few spinners!! I was the! It was so lovely outside, we took our wooly adventures outdoors!

Lauri learning how to use her new spindle. While the instructor provides some tips!

dyed wool inside for sale! I bought a nitty noddy to wind my spun wool from my spindle on...then I'll ply it from there! See how much I've learned?? Besides, it's fun to say nitty noddy!

Our room was lovely!! Lauri and I shared a room and that was fun too!!
Lauri is one of my closest friends but the proprietor brought in an inflatable bed for us to use as well.
The fireplace in our room with the lovely collectibles in it. She had cases with vintage perfume bottles, and beaded purses! It was museum like but homey too!
I had an incredible time with Lauri and have been spinning up some alpaca that one of the ladies had given me. It's very soothing to spindle. I want to learn how to knit now so I can use up the yarn I spun!!

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Miz T. said...

That was such a beautiful place and a relaxing way to spend a weekend. Since we see each other so seldom I think we need to plan more weekends away! I just finished plying a skein of yarn using the Navajo Ply method. Newbies like me shouldn't try it...I botched it and now have art yarn...lumpy bumpy. But pretty!