Monday, September 5, 2011

Arrick's 21st Birthday!

We knew it was coming but  Arrick, our adorable little guy who liked to jump off of the couch and land on the floor with ease and each hand on his hip...declaring he was Peter Pan, turned 21! 
I am tardy in posting so many of our events! Arrick turned 21 on April 27th!  His girlfriend Kara came up for the festivities.  He celebrated with a few close friends, the other 20 close friends had to cover  his butt at work! 

 I have no words for this picture other than, I feel compelled to say that the guy in red, Joe, goes to our church...all are good kids...but when out and about, tend to morph into animals! lol
 Arrick ordered  his first adult beverage and is about to guzzle!

 Some of our friends and Arrick's having dinner, making sure the guys had some food in their bellies before they imbibed further!
 Arrick shows how loveable he is!!  Joe shows us he can read while Kyle is impressed!
 Arrick is a happy camper!  Oh, this is before the alcohol! lol
and now...he can buy his own damn beer! lol

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