Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eagle Scout Ceremony!!

A few days after Graduation, we had Ian's Eagle Ceremony at the Arobretum where his project was installed.  We hoped and prayed the weather would hold this summer morning and it did!  Beneath the shade of the trees in a peaceful setting, we gathered to celebrate Ian's climb to Eagle, the  highest rank in scouting. 

                           Mr. Wes Gibson reads the requirements for Eagle that Ian completed. 
 Surrounded by his brother Eagles, Mr. Wes reads tells Ian his responsibilities as an Eagle Scout.
 Ian's parents and grandparents of the Eagle Scout!

 Grandpa places the Eagle scarf over Ian's boy scout scarf, once the Eagle Scarf is in place, Grandma removes the boy scout scarf...indicating that Ian is never left without his scouting mantle.

                                                                A new Eagle Slide
                                                        Mr. Wes reads the Eagle Charge...
                                          John places Ian's Eagle medal on to his uniform!
 Ian presents Mr. Coit with his mentor pin.  Mr. Coit is one of those adults that assisted, prodded, taught, comforted and lead Ian on his path to Eagle!  Those two were always into something and two peas in a pod at scout camp! 
 Ian presents all of those who assisted him with his Eagle project with a thank you pin.  He couldn't have completed the project without volunteers who donated many hours to his project and saw it to completion!
 Ian had scouts and adults from three different troops assist him with his  project!  Scouting is a huge part of our lives  here.
 Some of our friends who are like family!
 More friends who are like family!!
                                   Our Eagle Scout with Alpha Rho...Kim's sorority sisters/family!

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