Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ian's Eagle Project!

Ian reached the point in his Scouting career to complete his Eagle Project to earn the highest rank in Boy Scouting, Eagle.  After much consideration, Ian chose to work with the Chesapeake Arboritum.  This homestead estate not only has plant life indiginous of the area, they also have beautiful landscaping for locals to enjoy. 
In addition to the lovely landscaping, there are miles of trails with bridges and areas to watch the wildlife around the arboritum.  Many scouts have traveled the paths learning about the trees and plant life in Virginia.
Ian chose to be a part of educating those who visit the Arboritum by building an education kiosk.  This kiosk will hold photos, a trail map, and information about plant life and animals that may be encountered on the trails. 

Ian raised money and worked with a contractor who volunteered his time to design a kiosk specifically for the Arboretim. Ian also recruited people to help build the kiosk off site and a group of volunteers to install the kiosk as well as volunteers to paint! 

After it was all said and done, a year had gone by, 197 hours were involved in building, installing and painting the kiosk.  This sturdy structure provides the Chesapeake Arboretum with a kiosk in dollar amounts a $5,000.00 structure to be enjoyed for years to come! 
                                                                             The Homestead

Mr. Mick and Ian discussing the potential Eagle project at the Arboretum- Mr.Mick is the Scout Liaison at the Arboretum and also active in the area's Scouting Council.

Mr. Ricci explains how the roof of the kiosk will be constructed.

Mr. Tracy and Mr. Scott cut the wood for the beams.

Mr. Paul and Mr. Joe help nail in the beams

 Ian, his dad, Mr. Coit, Ben and Mr. Joe Ricci install the kiosk!
                                                   Mr. Joe Ricci nails the plywood inplace
 Bradly, Ian and John paint the kiosk.  At first, the paint sprayer didn't work.  We were all bummed.  We got out the paint brushes and rollers and began to put on the first coat!  Luckily, John got the sprayer working again! 
                                            The kiosk is painted!!  Now for the display to go up!! 

           Completed and ready for use! The Arboretum has begun to put up the their displays and signs! 
                     Ian inspected the display boxes he and his dad put on the kiosk great for maps, pictures, 
                                              displays of plant or animal life around the grounds! 

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