Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ian Graduates from High Schoo!

Time sure did fly by!  One minute he was in Kindergarten and the next thing we knew it, he was preparing to graduate from high school! 
Ian practiced wearing his cap and gown around the house until I made  him put it up before he damaged it!  I did let  him wear the cap while he studied..he said it was whatever.
 Finally, the big day arrives!  He donned his cap, gown, and honors collar and his academic and forensic medals and was ready to hit the road to the ceremony site!
 John and Ian just before he  heads out the door to head for the graduation site. We'll meet him there.
                                    Wait!  A special picture with Grandpa!  Grandpa, nice shoes!! lol
 Traiveon and Ian, in their caps and gowns, ready to get their diplomas!! Traiveon and Ian have been in orchestra together since 8th grade!
                                 Ian is an  honors grad...and is one of the first to receive his diploma! 
 Ian and Arrick have been so fortunate to have so many wonderful teachers at Indian River High school.  They have been teachers, mentors and friends.  These are a few of the very special teachers who have changed Ian's life!   Mr. Clayton. Ian's German teacher!  Ian speaks nearly fluent German thanks to this man.  He didn't let Ian get away with anything in his classes! lol  Ian has passed an exam in D.C. that basically states according to the German Government, Ian speaks basic German very well!  Ian also attended the Governor's School for the Arts, German Academy, because of this guy right here!
 Dr. Shabazz...Ian's Forensics Coach! Another giant in Ian's life at Indian River. This man taught, coached, nagged and harassed Ian to do a better job and because of his efforts and support, Ian went to State competition twice and placed high both times!  Ian will be auditioning again, for George Mason's Forensice Team this fall.
                                               The first group to line up and receive their diplomas!
                                                Mr. Frye presents Ian with his diploma!  I told Ian I wouldn't embarass him this time, all bets are off for his college graduation.  oh yeah!!
 Mrs. Dortch, on the left of Mr. Frye, is another one of the teachers/ vice principals that guided and parented, and taught our kids.  Mrs. Dortch loves Forensics so she was #1 in Ian's book!

 The reader board in the stadium at the Ted Constant Center where the graduation took place!
                     h ehe we caught his attention!!  See that look?  It's the look of ...."Chill"....l

                       proud parents of our graduate!!
 Proud grandma and grandpa too!!  Dad and Jane flew in to celebrate graduation and Eagle with Ian!
                                 The bros....Arrick graduated in boys are all grown up!

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