Sunday, January 25, 2009

My diploma has arrived!

For the past two years, I've been working on my Master's Degree. I began the online Graduate program with Gonzaga University with hesitation. I didn't think I was disciplined enough to complete the classes and after all, it had been a few years since I had been in college or written a paper for that matter. For those of you who don't have much clout in on line classes, let me say, they can be very difficult. You don't have the opportunity to study with classmates, readily ask a professor a question in class each day, (tho all my profs were speedy in answering questions, of course, they aren't at their computers when I am at mine!) and you have to have a great deal of discipline in completing the readings (the reading is extensive since lectures aren't always an option), posting questions and responses to questions and of course, completing those graduate papers. I was required to complete a residency that was awesome! It was great to be back on campus again and meet some of my classmates I had communicated with via email and posts.

I've finished all of my requirements and applied for graduation. It was granted!! I have to say my GPA put to shame my undergrad GPA. I was/am pleased!! I did it! I was also working full time, parenting sometimes alone as John was at sea alone and handling the house hold issues on my own at times too. Picture this, me in my jammies, keep it a 'g' rated thought folks!, attending class and "talking" to my profs and classmates!...LOL I even read one of my texts in the hospital under the influence of was awesome...LOL I wrote and sent off my paper hours before I had surgery...some say that's dedication...other say I say, I got an A on that dang paper!!

I received my diploma in the mail Saturday! Woohooo! I'm attending graduation in May and will walk through the ceremony at my alma mater and I just can't wait!! Stay tuned for that adventure complete with pictures! Get the popcorn! Is there a PhD in my future? Possibly. The boys need to finish up their education and I'll revisit that later. I am going to take the required measures to teach at the community colleges here in town for fun! Who knows where that will lead! Life is an adventure!

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Hooked on Primitives said...

HUGE CONGRATS!!! WOW!! Job well done!!! Cathy