Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meanwhile, Kim and Arrick tour Richmond.

While Ian was finishing up the final two hours of the German Academy, Arrick and I thought we'd kill some time. Ian couldn't speak to us in English anyway...so off we went! As we were driving I suddenly realized that though Arrick had been to our Nation's capital several times, he had never visited the actual capital building of Virginia!

The newly renovated Capital building

The General Assembly building.
When I go to Richmond, this is usually where I go.

A fountain at the base of the hill from the Capital building.
A cute little dock for the squirrels at the base of the fountain!
Clearly, our politicians in Virginia have a sense of humor!

Court building

Statue of George Washington
surrounding George are other famous politicians and thinkers from Virginia

A different view, same statue

A bridge we had the luck to go over not once but twice and pay both times!
Yup...we got lost...but not to worry, we enjoyed the sights!
navigation system??? yeah it was on...lol
Same bridge, different side!

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Miz T. said...

Thanks for the wonderful tour! You know I totally love old buildings and history. It sounds like a great day, well, except for the getting lost part. Hope things are well and you are enjoying the early fall! Big hugs,