Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Storm in The Old Dominion

After many false alarms of snow in our area this winter and last, we finally had the big snow storm we hoped we'd get! When we got up this morning at 7am we had about 4 inches of snow, and 10 to 12 additional inches were expected.

We were hoping that we'd get some snow so we made sure we had all the necessary items we'd need; milk, bread, batteries and flashlights, candles and oil lamps, gas- in case we lost electricity. We loaded up the back porch wood stand, stocked up on Bailey's, peppermint schnapps, hot chocolate and put the snow shovel by the back door! We were ready!

This is Eva's first real snow and at first she didn't know what to expect!

Ian, John and I took Eva for a walk down to the primary school (the boys old school) to play ball in the school yard. Ian decided he'd swing a bit.
Eva and John hunt for the bright green tennis ball that John threw!

Eva takes off to find the squeaky, tennis ball John threw for her!

finding a green tennis ball in about 6 inches of snow isn't too easy and it's COLD!

Throw it again Dad!!
An old building that buts up to the back of the primary school's play yard.
Walking down our street to the primary school to play in the school yard.
Looking up the street opposite from the primary school.
Ian shoveling the back steps!
Ian lobs a snow ball at Arrick as he gets in the house from work!

Our ride to drop off and pick up Arrick at work! We did some donuts in the parking

On our way to venture out into the snow storm!

John motions to hurry up!
I bought this little flag last year and it paid off to keep it out after Christmas! lol
Eva digs for a tennis ball in the back yard!
She has it!! It's COLD!! lol She didn't keep it in her mouth very long! Dad needs to warm them up!
Eva is checking out the back yard.

Our back yard...

Our front yard...

The back yard before Ian shoveled.
The front yard...

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Anonymous said...

looks like the flag was your in to get what you wanted. All very pretty and the next camera has to automatically takes the picture-takers picture.LOL Love mom