Monday, April 18, 2011

Destination Mason 2011

This has been a year filled with stress for Ian. It's his senior year!  He has been busy with his AP classes, his Eagle project, working on fund raisers for an Orchestra competition and trip to NYC and applying to colleges!  He applied to his three favorites.  Luckily, he was accepted to all three!  He picked his first choice and as luck or grades, would have it, recieved an academic grant as well, to George Mason University!  Mason is located near the Washington DC area in Fairfax, Virginia!
Destination Mason!
We went up to take our second tour of Mason.  We were welcomed with most of the incoming freshman class by the pep band, the Green Machine and Mason's Mascot, the Patriot!

Since we were hounded to pay the housing deposit for Ian's freshman year, by Ian.  We/He was rewarded with a free Mason Tshirt and a bath towel, both emblazzoned with Mason in the school colors of green and gold! He's set now, he has clothes and a towel!

George Mason is quite diverse and though a large university, it doesn't have those huge freshman classes that people might think.  Though it is a big school is has small home town appeal.  There were a variety of clubs, sororities, fraternities and groups with tables to welcome the incoming freshman class.

 I couldn't resist taking this picture.  The trees were beautiful!! 
 One of the clubs looking for new team members!!  Ian said this one was right up his alley!
                                                   More of those lovely trees about campus
                                                               The observatory on campus!
 Now, when I saw this sign on the roof of the cafeteria...I knew I was at a college!! Love it!
                                                                       No parking!!!
 Ah, the beloved statue of George Mason!  Decked out in Mason gear!!  Brings back memories of Bing Crosby out in front of what was then Crosby Library at Gonzaga University!  Now the old Crosby Library is the new student union for those of you who are Zags!
                                          More lovely trees and some of the art that is around the campus
As we left the campus I told Ian, I naturally wanted a picture of him at Mason!  We passed this stack of "books" and he was all too eager to pose!!  We will be returning to Mason in July to go through orientation and register for classes!  I will officially be broke! 

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Heather said...

Love the picture of Ian and the books! And those trees were beautiful!