Sunday, July 7, 2013


There once was a tiny black and white Staffordshire Terrier that needed a home. When she crossed our threshold, she was a mere 4 weeks old and homeless.  She resided with us a wee bit but was back before we knew it. It didn't work out at her planned forever home, but by then, she had tugged at John's heart strings and she was ours forever...or we were hers! 

 Ellie, short for Elvira (she was a biter with those sharp puppy teeth) snuggles up to Eva. 
 She and Whiskers try to bond.....yeah...not so much...
 John and Ellie, the best of buds!!
 Sandy and Ellie, snuggle up on a chilly day!
 Flat out crashed!!!

Ellie enjoying a chewy on Whisker's scratching pad....this probably won't end well! 

 Whiskers sought out a quite secluded place to nap....or just getting back at Ellie for invading his scratching pad!

 Yes, she has her own pool.  Well actually, it's allof the girls pool...but Ellie enjoys it the most!!

        napping while dad plays a game!

 She doesn't miss much!!!  She's growing so quickly!! Stay tuned for more pictures!!

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