Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bark in the Park

Arrick works for a doggie day care and volunteered his time at the "Bark in the Park" at Chesapeake's City park this fall. Ian, John and I ventured out with Eva, our Golden Retriever to check it out!
Arrick distributed doggie treats and made sure the water bowls stayed filled for the pups visiting is employer's tent.

Arrick's employer offered Pawdictures for pups who wanted a look extra special!
There were all kinds of dogs out on this sunny day!

Seconds before I snapped this picture the two dogs were rubbing noses...then this happened. Guess they didn't "connect" lol

pools were available for the pups to rest and play!
We're members of this organization. We have a soft spot in our hearts for Goldens.
This little guy was too cute in keeping up with all of the big dogs!

This little tike had help! lol
This dude was taking it easy!!
So many beautiful pups out on this sunny autumn day!

too cute!
Eva stops in for a visit and scratch from Arrick.
Arrick making sure every pup got a treat and a drink before venturing on!
Pups would show off their ability to jump and catch a frisbee or ball before falling into the pool. I think the dogs really had more fun than their people did!!

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