Sunday, November 15, 2009

Airsoft!!! It's a sport, It's messy and it gets them out of the house!

Arrick and Ian became involved with airsoft last January. They had a great time with it and found that a few of their good friends also had a good time with the fun! John came home and I specifically asked him if he was going to go play airsoft with the boys. His reply was, nah. Let them have their fun. The next thing I know, John is hip deep in airsoft with the boys! They are addicted! Now, they have specific camo outfits, high powered airsoft guns, grenades...yes, I said grenades, they have those little plastic bbs in them, not real ones. lol Arrick even got Ryan into airsoft!

The guys of all ages and training come together for fun and for highly organized operations. This is serious stuff...some active duty use airsoft as training exercises. It's pretty safe for the most part. Except when one walks in front of some one while they are firing their rapid fire gun...and takes a bb up the side of the head...Arrick! They all wear goggles or masks and there are rules.
John outfitted in his gear out at Bethel Airsoft field, his field name? Taz!
Ian cradling his high powered gun!

Ryan in his camouflaged fedora ready for the battlefield and looking quite debonair! His field name? Fedora!
Arrick readying to play sniper! He's learned to lay low with his tall frame! One too many shots to the buttocks learned him!
We're ready, we're armed, we have testosterone!!

Zach, Arrick's best friend since 3rd grade, also takes time to come play airsoft when he's home from VA Tech. Except, I don't think he learned that a red hat doesn't really blend in!
Arrick tramping through the woods out at the Ballahack airsoft field.
Zach, aka ready and waiting for action...airsoft action! Although if you know of a nice girl who is single, he'll be ready for her too!
Ian, Zach, Arrick, Ryan and Gabe, all ready to take to the airsoft field at Ballahack!
Arrick, locked and loaded....and ready to shoot himself in the foot! No worries, he has boots on! Arrick's nickname on the field? Yup..Target!

Ryan, just chillin'...cuz that's how he rolls!
Ian, waiting...and when it's time, he's "action man"!! That's why his field name is "Set", also the name of an Egyptian Demon. He doesn't look demonic...that's why its such great cover!

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Kisha Kitchens said...

There are people who love Airsoft so much that they even play inside their house, but you know that it's more fun and exciting when you go outside and run through the field. Well, the guys seemed all set for a battle. I like the shot wherein Arrick posed as a sniper. He really looked like a real sniper with his outfit and his composure on the field. Who won, by the way?