Sunday, December 20, 2009

November was a busy month!

November was a busy month!
We had a big storm that left us with strees flooded and extremely high tides. My sister Deedra had her baby and of course, Thanksgiving! Take a look at the pictures!
Nor'Ester November 13th in the Chesapeake Bay Area

Though we live on pretty high ground, the ditch out front stayed full.

John kept the debri cleared from the pipes next door while the wind blew small limbs and leaves all over the place.

November 11, Triniti Faye Moseley was born to my sister Deedra and her husband Andre!
She's a cutie! Chris is such a great big brother!

Thanksgiving Day, we made our annual trip to Jamestown, Virginia. We took in the sites, new additions to the museum and listened to the "colonists" as they explained their role in the New World.
Fence surrounding the Fort.
The Governor's wife explaining the items in her home as the Governor listens.
The armory and blacksmith shop

Drying tobacco
A colonist on her way to the Fort.

A colonial family on their way to partake in the festivities in the Fort.
Arrick standing in the doorway of one of the storage buildings
John, Arrick and Ian standing on the pier
One of the ships in Jamestown
A Seafaring laborer taking in the tourists.

I was looking up quite a bit that day.

See what I mean?
The turkey roasting over a fire in the Powatan village in Jamestown
Squash and meal cooking on the fire in the Indian Villiage.
One of the "Indians" explaining the cooking habits of the village to the tourists.
Arrick made a new friend! This is one of the ceremonial statues outside of the Indian Village in Jamestown.

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