Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let the Christmas festivities begin!

The Christmas season traditionally begins the weekend after Thanksgiving. Typically, the boys help get down the decorations and while I decorate on the inside, Arrick and Ian are outdoors beginning to put the lights on the house and set up the outdoor decorations as directed by John when he's home from sea. First however, comes....The Birdwell Annual Persimmon Fight!
Ian surveys his target, Arrick and has a few persimmons in hand. You see, persimmons are only ripe when they are quite mushy!! If they aren't ripe, they are very hard..and can dent cars!!! We knows this from experience!
Arrick surveys his ammunition that has fallen on the ground, perfectly mushy!

Arrick gathers ammunition!

Curses!!! The really ripe fruit are pretty high in the branches even for 6'4" Arrick!

Arrick tries to avoid Ian's aim by losing himself in the branches...

Arrick attempts to climb the tree as he's seen the squirrels do to get at the ripe fruit to hurl at his brother...all in fun of course!
He aims, he throws!

Ian aims and throws!

Mushed persimmon on the railing on the worries, a few good rains and it'll wash off!
An easy toss and Ian hits his target! Hey! That's Arrick's call sign in airsoft too! I see a pattern here!

Later than evening John and Ian put up one of our trees in the dining room for me to decorate
Last April John decided to try his hand at making mead. He researched and talked to the brewers and poured the contents into a large bottle and it sat until December.
It looked lovely when he brought the bottle out of the dark, cool spot it rested all these months.

John gathered the bottles in which he planned to keep it for his own consumption and to share with friends.
Unfortunately he didn't mix in the correct ingredients so it will need a few more ingredients added and will be a smooth honey mead in another 6 months!

December 12th, John, Arrick and Ian participated in an Operation that had been in the planning for nearly four months. They were NATO forces and each had a different "kit", each of the guys had different uniforms representing different countries. John wore British, Arrick wore Dutch marines (except for the pants, they didn't arrive in time) and Ian wore Canadian. It was a frosty day and they had a good time.
and off they go!
Ian annual winter concert for Symphony was wonderful, as always!
Ian plays the violin and this year, tried his hand at percussion! I've added a recording of this memorable event! He said that his instructor missed two of his cues, but I think he did a fine job. Not too many people out there can play the triangle with such grace!

Ian ready to "percuss"
The loud clunk was from the audience, keep in mind I had a three year old sitting behind me, as cute as she was, it's hard to sit through a concert at that age! She did so well!

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Miz T. said...

Hello Birdwells! I just stopped by to wish everyone from fuzzy haired teens to critters a very, Merry Christmas. Even though you had a few speedbumps in your life this year I hope the coming year will find you healthy both in body and pocketbook, and with plenty of time to pursue crafting and the finer things in life. Hugs to all! Looking forward to April!