Monday, October 29, 2012

Henrico Historical Event Fall 2012

John and I ventured down to Henrico County to take in a renactor's event on history.  There is a formal name for this event but it escapes me.  They often have events such as these and we do love going to them! 

 I try to take pictures of these people because it is so cool how close they get their costumes to be authentic.  I admire that!!

 Of course, I loved the musical instruments!

 Miles was participating again this year!  We love to hear his stories. I wish we could go to all of the events in which he participates!

 It is quite eye opening to see what goes into making a meal, or making  a garment!

 Love to see our youth participating too.  What a great lesson in history!

 Some kayaks in the was such a beautiful day for it!

 This gentleman I saw later explaining some thing to a kiddo..he had such skill in capturing that kiddo's attention!!!
 John and Arrick talking to Miles and one of the other re enactors.

 My favorite piggy!!

 This little boy was adorable.  He wouldn't let me take his picture. I sorta sneaked one after I got his mom's approval.  He likes the piggy too!

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