Monday, October 29, 2012

San Diego Conference September 2012

This year our SARC conference was held in San Diego, CA.  This conference was a long one!  We arrived on Saturday around 11ish and pretty much stayed by the pool all afternoon.  We were tired!  The conference began on Sunday bright and early.  We did get Wednesday afternoon off so we took a harbor tour.  The conference ended on Thursday and we flew home on Friday.  We did manage to get out and about in the evenings after our classes. Here is some of what we saw!

 A seagull catching the wind currents on our harbor cruise!

 Looking over the San Diego Naval Base to the mountain!
 The boat captain said we were about 3 miles from Mexico at this point! Woohooo  Close enough for me!
 San Diego naval base!
 The airbase...sorry, I don't know the proper names of these different installations.  It's funny, one would think I'd get enough of seeing stuff like this every day...but it was pretty cool!
 This seal got a spot for one for its nap!!
 While we were cruising the harbor, a ship was coming in!!
 This guy was in the way  luckily, he could peddle that boatthing out of the way!
 sea lions sacked out on the piers

 San Diego from the back of the boat!

 The Star of India and a sub for museum junkies like me and my family in the San Diego Harbor.

 A very cool tree in a little park next to the USS Midway, a carrier.
 Statuary...Bob Hope providing some comic relief to soldiers and sailors...there was a recording of some of his acts. It was pretty cool.
 The Coronado Bridge...My view from the restaurant where we had lunch!
 I had Fish Tacos.  Just the thought of fish tacos sounded so disgusting but I took the plunge!  They were quite delicious!! 
 another view from my table.
 Plates decorating a building in Old Town San Diego!
 A cool looking tree in Old Town.

 The stairs on the building above! 

 These masks brought back fabulous memories of a Jack Black movie! :)

 Meredith and Brandi getting us a table after our Harbor cruise.  What a great conference, all the way around!

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