Monday, February 17, 2014

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum near Dulles Airport in Chantilly, VA

Since John is deploying soon and won't get to see Ian until August, we went up to spend the day with him and hang out.  After we took care of a few errands, we tried to find something to do!  One would think, hey, there is quite a bit to do in the Washington DC area and you would be correct!!  However, the DC area had a snow storm a few days prior and they still had about 8 to 12 inches of snow on the ground!  We opted for a place we hadn't been before and where it was warm and we weren't traversing in the cold frozen stuff. Go ahead, call us wimps!  
As we walked in we saw this!!  One of my sorority sister's hubby's said he personally bled on one of these planes.... ;) 
 Straight ahead was the space portion of the displays, it was a cool view, so I snapped a pic!
 This was directly in front of us, and was pretty awesome!  Can you tell I'm not well versed in the aircraft! My husband will probably cringe as he reads this!! hahahaha
                                                             This one was pretty cool.
                  See, I was smart enough to take a picture of the info in case you were wondering!!

                                   This was a snubby nosed plane that the Nazi's used....

                                    really, I took a picture of this plane because it was shiny!! lol
 This plane was pretty cool for two reasons.  Love the cat and bomb character and it was aboard the USS Lincoln.  We have the Lincoln here in the yards and I've been aboard and have worked with their SAPR Program!

                                          John told me this is one of his favorite planes!
                                                                     another view
 This was in the air and space part of the museum.  I thought it was cool because of the wood fins on it.

                                      Check it out!!! Satellites and probes!!  They are too cool!!!
                                      More of these, They really look like pieces of art!
            And here we have the Space shuttle!!  It was HUGE and pretty cool as well!!

 These things are joints and rooms in the space station!!  I thought this was pretty cool as well.
                               Another view of the Space shuttle!!  It was Ginormous!!!
                                      John checking out the space food and personal care products.
 I got his attention. :)  Just over his shoulder, there are some pressuerized "depends"
                        This was the commercial side of the museum!!  Much more color on this side!!!

 I looked for the 'Coke" plane but only found the "pepsi" and "Budweiser" planes! HAHA
                          I really liked this one too...probably because it's shiny!!  I'm not gonna lie!

 Isn't this plane adorable??? It's the world's smallest plane.  It was so cute!!  It looked like a child's toy!
                            Of course, I had to include this family plane in the pictures!!
                   I took this one for George, I thought this eagle on the plane was awesome!!

                     This little plane is one that was attached to Airships!!  how cool is that!!

                                                  Here is a picture of the Enola Gay.
 Dust off your history books and read up!! The Enola Gay dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.
 It's big and I was in awe!  such history and emotion must have filled the skin of this aircraft.  This aircraft alone changed the course of the war, people's lives and our world.
I hope you enjoyed my little tour!  I really hope you have the chance to visit our Nation's treasures!!

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