Monday, February 17, 2014


We don't get a lot of snow here in Virginia near the beach.  We live in Tidewater and we will get flurries and a good snow fall of a few inches, then it will melt in a few days.  This year, we got quite a bit more.  We had about 9 inches at our house!
 It started as tiny flakes. We were sent home from work at 2pm on Tuesday, and the snow started in the evening.
                                 The flakes got a bit  hour later than the previous picture
                                      An hour later than the last picture, the grass is covered....

                                          this is Ellie's first major snow fall and shew as out exploring
 Arrick got home about 30 min before this picture.  We were glad he got home before the roads were really bad.  The green tarp to the right is our firewood!!  We stayed nice and toasty warm!
                                                                  an hour later....
                                               Ellie prints....she hopped around in the yard...

 You can hardly tell where the bricks line the flowerbeds!!  It was very pretty out there...and cold!

                                  The next morning!!  The pups were reluctant to go outside!!

                                          Eventually, mother nature calls and it must be answered!!
 The snow was deep and Eva just wanted to find a low spot to "go", she didn't find one,sadly.

                                                    I bought this flag in hopes of snow!!!
 The other pups out in the snow. These three loved playing in the snow and wore themselves out playing chase!
                                                     The front of our house.....
 John got Mongo out.  He packed down our drive way and the neighbors to make it easier to get out.  our driveways are gravel and is a little difficult to shovel. Besides, John likes to get Mongo out and play in the snow!
 He worked on our driveway first before he went across the street to help the neighbor!
                                                 Our snowy street!! It was quite slippery

 I went in to work on Friday even though the base was closed.  Had too much to do that was time sensitive.  This is a picture of the runway next to my office building that evening. These are E2C2's.
 One of the buildings on was so quiet on base with all of the snow...kind of pretty!
                                           Heading out the back gate near the runway...
                                               Such a pretty sunset on the runway!!!
 After an afternoon of in and out playing in the snow, two of the four puppies have had enough fun and have crashed!!!  Eva and Ellie...tuckered out!!
 Arrick got a beer making kit for Christmas.  Today was the day to bottle it!!  Here he is bottling his creation!  He said it turned out rather well!!

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