Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Birdwell's go to CANADA!!

It was so peaceful to look out over the city to the mountains. There was still snow on the peaks. Tuesday, we'd head over to Idaho and possibly into the snow. It was great to be back in Washington. Our hotel over looked the Spokane River and Riverfront Park.

Looking towards the clock tower and the thing to the right of the picture is where the World's Fair once had a large display. The world's fair was in Spokane in the late 70's.

Looking towards Idaho and the mountains at dusk

The opera house is on the other side of the building in the forefront and on the riverbanks, Riverfront park!
The weather was cooler than we were used to but it was beautiful!
Ian and I near the road while Arrick and John went down to the RiverArrick and John went down to the river...
We've arrived in Canada! The boys have never been to another country so the wonderful border patrol guard, stamped their passports!
Ian pointed out this sign!
The rest stop....good thing the weather wasn't too cool.
Arrick on the pass going to Castlegar
A little town that Amy and I visited when we were in college....when we were bored one dayArrick was amazed by the chips packaging. Ian pointed out that the subways are the same in Canada as they are in the States! Who knew!?

More mountain pictures...

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