Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Leaving Idaho and returning to Washington

After a lovely morning in Idaho, we made our way back to Washington. Before crossing the border though, we went to the Mecca for all males, Cabela's! It is about the same size as the Bass Pro shop here in Tidewater but this has a cafe that offers some wild game dishes and the food wasn't half bad!
Of course, the guys scoped out the stuff in this place...and...I did buy a great pair of shoes! On sale even!!

On our way back to Washington, we came across this lovely place to dine!!
A sign in the parking lot! Yes, we pulled in, but the carpets were being cleaned and they weren't open for business. We actually stopped here before we went to Cabela's!

Just a cool building, a church or used to be made of river rock in Idaho.
Back in God's Country!Division Street in Spokane. Some cool pubs along the way back to the hotel and GU
I took this pictures specifically for my brother Eddie!
This sculpture represents the Bloomsday run, a marathon that is held every year in Spokane. It was held the weekend prior to graduation.
This store...gave much pleasure and joy to my husband and children. Out of all the places we went to while we were in Spokane, we visited this store daily I think. I take that back, the men folk visited this store daily. They found many goodies in this place for their airsoft addiction. I did find a wool blanket that I'm going to cut up and dye for my pennyrugs! I think they have this guy's address and are including him on our Christmas card list!
The boys in their natural habitat!!

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Pami said...

These pics brought back memories of our time in Spokane! We, too, stopped at a Cabela's when passing through was a huge superstore! I posted it in my blog, too! Glad you are having a good trip!