Wednesday, July 15, 2009


John, Arrick, Ian and I arrived in Spokane a day before family began to arrive. We thought we'd show the guys a bit of the other side of Washington state. My old stomping grounds. We arrived mid afternoon and as luck would have it, my bags decided to go to Salt Lake City, no doubt to visit my sister in law and her family. The bags arrived that evening!

Friday morning since we were up at 6am, we took a drive to Mount Spokane! It's only 20 minutes from the city and it was quite a pretty drive with the snow on the ground in early May!

John reminded Arrick that those large piles were not dirt, but snow covered in dirt. Obviously listening, Arrick marched to the top of one and sunk in, this picture is as he pulled his leg out gingerly hoping to avoid sinking again with the other foot!
A barn where many a dance and party has been held!

A very full creek!

John and Ian at the top of Mt. Spokane, sporting our GU sweatshirts!

Mount Spokane. There is a small ski resort there.

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