Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gonzaga University

A fellow Alum asked me to take some pictures of the campus. So, for all of you Gonzaga Alums, here are some pictures of the University. Some new buildings and some old.

College Hall-
A view through the trees towards Lincoln Hall

A critter on the banks for the Spokane River back behind Jesuit House...there is a lovely walking path along the river

Arrick on the walking bridge that crosses the Spokane River looking towards the University. The spire in the background is the spire on the new Jundt Art center and museum.

Sculpture on the grounds of the Jundt Art Center

The Jundt Art Center-
This is located on the other side of St. Als, looking toward Division.

Arrick waiting patiently for his mother to finish photographing the campus and wait for his father refueling the car.

The grand staircase in University Hall

The is the interior of University Hall

Of course, St. Al's spires

Behind University Hall, the quad.

The former Crosby Library is now the Crosby Student Center. Bing still stands watching! Without his pipe! The new library is behind back behind and to the right of the Cog.

The COG! The Center of Gonzaga...ahh memories...many quiet breakfasts, dinners and talents shows...dances...

The Library. The Foley Center. Crosby Student Center to the right..
Desmet Hall

Again...the Spires of St. Al

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