Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fourth of July 2012

Very rarely are we all together on the 4th of July to celebrate America's birthday!  Here we live in one of the 13 colonies and we need to celebrate it!  I gathered up my men folk and we went to the Naval Hospital in Portsmouth to watch the fireworks!

Here we are with our camp chairs on the lawn of the Naval Hospital. A perfect place to go!  It isn't too crowded, traffic wasn't bad at all and we didn't have to stake out a place for hours and hours to get a good spot for the show!

Here we are looking over the harbor to Norfolk.

 We are really close to the water and looking towards the Portsmouth side of the water where some ships are in one of the many shipyards here in the area.
 Ian, John and Arrick all ready for the fireworks show! Can see the excitement on their faces???
                                        A pretty skyline...waiting for the show to begin!
 The Moonrise!  It was so beautiful as it began its ascent.  Those lights are from the shipyard.
                                               The moon and a ship with the lights...
                                                      ....and the fireworks begin!!!

     Ian setting off after a good breakfast to Fairfax to work at the University for 3 weeks!

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