Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our Outings and Events!

Spring came quickly here in Virginia!  In early May, Joe and Rachel Birdwell came to town for Rachel's commencement exercises. She received  her Master's Degree!  Joe is John's nephew and unfortunately, John was at sea and Ian wasn't home from school yet.  Arrick and I enjoyed meeting Joe and Rachel as well as Rachel's Parents.  Hope to spend some more time with them soon!

 Early June marks the annual Native American Powwow that takes place in Chesapeake.
                                Dancers in the circle.  Such beautiful regalia there that day!!
                                                         A hawk getting some lovin'.
 It was fun to see the  regalia people wore that day.  We have quite a large population of Native Americans in our area and it was nice to see them celebrate their heritage.
 One Saturday, John, Ian and I took a road trip to Petersburg, VA.  It's about an hour and a half from our house.  We're always looking to see places of  historical interest!!
 We found the point where the Union Army dug in and fired on Petersburg.   Farms were uprooted and there were quite a few of the earthworks still there.  Though worn down over the years by time and weather, it was  humbling to see where so many fought for their beliefs.
 Ian and John taking a walk to some more of the earthworks. It was pretty dang hot that day too. 
                                                    Powder magazine dug into the earth.
 The National park recreated one of the cannon placements so we can imagine what that hill must have looked like.
 Chimney of a homestead of long ago.  The tall grass represents where the confederates defensive line was. 
 Again, the confederate defensive line....
              some old warehouses in downtown Petersburg,, that are now lofts condos. 
 More of downtown Petersburg, VA.  We didn't go into those shops, and I regret it. Next time!
 We stopped in for a tall ice tea and a sandwich. This was such a cute deli/micro brewery!
                                             More old buildings in downtown Petersburg~
 For my birthday one year, Dad and Jane got me a Magnolia Tree.  I LOVE magnolia trees.  They are so majestic and regal.  Their blossoms and so beautiful and fragrant.  They remind me of when we lived in New Orleans and we would go to City Park and walk beneath their ancient branches.  The humidity hanging in the air kept the fragrant blossoms scent close the earth.  So many wonderful memories.  Now I have my own and this is one of the blossoms I was able to photograph up close.  So beautiful!!

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