Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kim's Trip to Greensboro, NC May 2012

Kim was asked to provide some training to a Naval Reserve Unit in Greensboro, NC about five hours southwest of where we live. So off I went to conduct five days of training!  After finishing a bit early one day, I decided to see what I could find around the area.  Having never been there before, me and my GPS left the hotel!  Fortunately, I remembered many years back a friend of mine mentioned a pottery town.  I couldn't remember the name of the town until I saw it at the hotel, Seagrove, NC.  I was on my way!

On my way down the road, I saw a little sign that said, "covered bridge".  Since I hadn't seen one in many years, I veered off from my intended destination and went to find said covered bridge! I found it!

 It was quaint, cute and HOT!  I didn't stay long, but I was glad that I stopped!
 There was a path that begged to be traveled but since I was alone, I thought best to get back in the car and head down the road!
 ROCKS!  We don't have these kinds of rocks in my yard...wish I did sometimes but they were pretty!
 I made it to Seagrove!  There were so many potters, so many studios, so much pottery to see and buy!

 One of many kilns that peppered the area.  There are at least 100 potters that live in the area. 
 While I was driving around the small town/village of Seagrove, I saw a barn, so I stopped and took a picture ...then ZOOMED in for a picture! I'm glad I did!

 This is the wood they feed into the kilns....
                                                                My purchases!! 

 While I was in Greensboro, I was looking around for a nice quiet, air conditioned restaurant that wasn't a chain.  I passed by this building the first time and I was driving, probably too fast and thought, that's a big Italian Restaurant!  I was hungry, what can I say.  Anyway, later I went by it and laughed out loud to myself!  I took a picture on the way out of town.  Sorry boys, they didn't have any factory outlets there for this store!

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