Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Line of Courage. April 2012

In my line of work, the month of April is a big month and a busy one.  April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, SAAM.  During SAAM we ramp up our awareness campaigns, we do many more briefs/ trainings to raise awareness and we also support commands during their SAAM events.  One command held a fun run, had Tshirts made and then celebrated their victim advocates with a 'burger burn', that's Navy lingo for a cookout!  Other commands had teal ribbon campaigns, held a "walk a mile in  her shoes" event.  Participants wore women's heels and walked 1/4 mile in them and were happy to do it!  It's a big month for us, the SARCs, Sexual Assault Response Coordinators.

This year, victim advocates and survivors painted on tshirts, what SAAM meant to them.  On this fence, we placed 134 shirts that were created to represent the 134 cases we had the previous year.  It was quite powerful. 

                                            The shirts stayed up for an entire week. 

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