Saturday, July 7, 2012

New York to Singapore and back again Fall of 2011

John is a Merchant Mariner Officer and has sailed on many different kinds of ships.  He finally had the opportunity to take some pictures of one of his trips so we can see what  he sees while he is away.
John worked a contract that ran container ships from NY City to Singapore.  This run took only 64 days so you know that they were really hauling butt and when they got into ports, they off loaded and loaded as quickly as possible!  Here are a few pictures of his trip and what he saw along the way!

This is a picture of the Atlantic Ocean meeting the Mediterranean Sea at Gibraltar.
This is the Rock of Gibraltar in the far distance!
 This is a war memorial on the Eastern Bank of the suez Canal  north of the Great Bitter Lake.  (you may need to dust off your Google for some of these locations. I did!)
 This is another picture of the Eastern Bank of the Suez Canal.  The bridge you see, goes over the Suez Canal.
 This picture was taken in the afternoon in  Karachi, Pakistan.  That haze is smog.  John says it's one of the nastiest ports he has ever been too! 
 This is one of the largest container ships in the world on the Great Bitter Lake. Maersk is the company with which John prefers to sail!
 This is a war memorial on the West Bank of the Suez Canal North of the Great Bitter Lake.
 Mosque next to a church in St. George, Egypt.
 We have signs on the side of the interstates welcoming us to the state, they have signs too!!
 Again the church next to a Mosque
 This is John's stateroom.  He is a full bed, desk, tv, vcr...couch, fridge and his own bathroom.  Quite the upgrade to the rack he had when he was in the Navy!

 Christmastime in a mall in Columbo, Sri lanka
 Christmas decorations for the Ship's Christmas party!!
It took me a bit to put these up because I needed him here to tell me what they were!  Hopefully he'll take more pictures so we can see what he sees on  his trips to the far corners of the planet!

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