Sunday, September 23, 2012

48 Hours in Pensacola, Florida

My job is unique in that we are scattered all over the world which makes training a challenge.  A new system is coming out soon and the Gov't wanted to provide us with hands on training.  We all appreciate that!!  The training took one day, and it was scheduled to be in Pensacola, Florida.  We flew down one day, attended the class the next day, and flew home the following.  We were in Pensacola for approximately 48 hours.  We took advantage of the time we were there and attempted to go to the beach.  Stormy weather came in just as we did.  Just as soon as we got down on the beach and put our feet in the squeaky sand, lightening and thunder cleared the beaches. 

                                                             Pensacola light house
                                             Parts of an old Fort that sits in the middle of the Base. 
                                               An unusual looking tree on the Base
 We took a ride out to Pensacola Beach to see the Gulf.  It was rough that day!

                         This is a school in the midst of being built.  not too far from the beach!
 We had dinner at McGuires Pub and inside they have dollar bills all over the ceiling and walls. It was pretty dang cool. The food was amazing as well. 

 On our way back to the Gateway Inn and Suites, I took this picture. We weren't there very long but the training was good, the food was excellent, the weather was typical and my traveling companions were fun!

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