Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's August, it's HOT, and we're off to Busch Garden's Williamsburg!  We head off to find some rides for the wee folk, and the adults!

                                  Chris and TT gear up for a ride in Sesame land!
 Oscar's wild ride!!  Chris manages a wave!  TT loves the fast rides!
 A water ride...they didn't get wet but there was a small water park where they got a little wet to cool off!
 TT wasn't thrilled about getting her picture taken with any characters except this cut out of Ernie, an actual exit sign! It works!
 We rented a "wagon" for the day.  It was very handy and kept some sun off of the kiddos!
 Deedra and TT in Italy!
 Chris on the flying chairs in Germany!
 TT waving ...kind of...

 Ah,  here we go. A fast ride!  Look out folks!
 TT waving to the little people!!
 Andre and Chris ready to take on Ian in the bumper cars!
 Chris on the kinder carousel!
 uh oh...a rope walkway.  There goes Andre, Chris and Ian & TT bringing up the rear in Dragon Land!

 We took a train ride...Lemme tell you, it's difficult to get decent pictures when you are jostled around!
 Chris, Andre, Deedra, John and Myself went on Roman Rapids!  Ian and TT stayed ashore and fired the water gun at us. She had excellent aim and enjoyed shooting water at us!! LOL
 At the end of the evening, getting the boys portraits done.  We had them done several years ago. It was time for an update.
 Arrick sat first...Ian's next.  It's amazing to watch them create these pencil drawings.
 Chris crashed first....TT was strong...but...
 moments later...she crashed! 
 We're all really worn out, tuckered and ready to hit the air conditioner!
        except these two!! Geez, get a room!
 Andre and Deedra pose for the obligatory picture in Ireland at the "treeman"
                             It was a blast sharing Busch Gardens with my sister and her family!! 

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